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We have been serving you since 1980 with our newest, most modern, safest boats as the GÖKOVALI TRAVELING TECHNOLOGIES to provide you with the beauty of Gökova with our boat tours and the comfort of your yacht.
If you prefer to spend your holiday in a seaside zone, you should definitely do a boat tour. Especially if you prefer to have your holiday in Akyaka, it is no longer necessary to go on a boat tour.
The Gokova Gulf, which combines the unique natural beauties of the two seas at the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean; sea ​​and forests, and a view that visitors can not enjoy watching.

It has unforgettable moments on our boat trip with its unique bay, beach and historical beauties. While counting down the number of swimmers given, it is the only place in the world where you can see the deep sea of ​​the sea you are in. Gokova Gulf.
We are organizing special tours for you by adding all our meticulousness to every one of our boats, by experiencing the excitement of the first one on every boat tour without being aware of all the beauties of our guests living in the same moment and living in the same time with the menus of our Turkish and World cuisine.
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Kerme Tur Mendirek Mevkii


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